On the importance of trust

Life has proven that the patient shares everything with the doctor in his office. He does this because he went there to heal himself, to solve a health problem or to prevent some disease from occurring.

The believer confesses everything to his confessor in the church in order to receive forgiveness, instruction and advice from the priest.

The depressed person shares his worries with his psychotherapist so that he can find the source of the anxiety and suggest a way out.

When you seek help from your lawyer, you tell him, in great detail, what you have been involved in. You do this so that the lawyer can successfully defend you in court.

At the car repair shop, you tell the mechanic what you have done or what you have omitted to do with the maintenance of your car. Hope this helps him find and fix the fault quickly…

Ask yourself what do all these examples have in common?

… Trust, of course.

Now think about how you communicate with your accountant? Do you discuss your financial affairs with him? Do you consider your financial transactions with him?

Most often, right? Rarely? Never?

You know this answer best, but while you formulate it and think about whether to share it, we would like to tell you that at Correct Account Consult we are not worried to face any accounting case, but we are able to take this step only for those customers who trust us and share with us the actual situation of their business.

You will probably say that we are not doctors, lawyers, psychotherapists, confessors or car mechanics. You will be right, but not quite … Because sometimes in practice we have to be something.

We are expert accountants and if we don’t have the complete information, we will be put in a situation where we are moving blindly like in a maze. In the end, both we and the client will be lost in it.

And since we’re talking honestly about trust, we think it should be a two-way street. In other words, at any moment our client knows what is happening with his affairs in terms of accounting.

Trust for trust.

If you have trusted us and chosen to be our client, we inform you exactly what we have undertaken in a specific case, what effect it will have on you and … how much it will cost you. Because that’s our way!

But if you allow, let’s return again to our common “friends” – the doctor, the priest, the psychotherapist, the lawyer and the master – the mechanic. What was expected of you when you had a meeting with them?

There are two possibilities. The first is to carry out their advice, instructions and recommendations. The second is to continue doing things the way you know how and after a while go to the church, the doctor’s office, the lawyer’s office or the auto repair shop again with a call for help.

We expect our clients to listen to our recommendations so that we can really be of service to them and remove the possibility of them getting into a complicated financial situation. Or to help them achieve a balance between income and expenses. Or just to get their accounting files in order.

In fact, forget all the words so far except one.


It comes first.

We thank the clients who trusted the accounting office “Correct Account Consult”.

We are honored to work for you because ….

Your Success is Our Success!