On choosing a ripe watermelon and a good accounting firm

Many of you will question whether it is even permissible to discuss the methods and techniques of picking a ripe watermelon on an accounting blog, but if you take a few minutes of your time, you will realize that the topic is not that far removed from accounting.

Imagine that in the hot summer you feel like eating a delicious and ripe watermelon …

Yes, it’s true that packaged watermelon chunks are available almost everywhere these days. But it is also true that there are fellow accountants who “tempt” with strange “piecemeal” services. However, we are looking at those cases where the client, i.e. yourself, has to prefer one watermelon over all or one law firm over all.

What do you do then?

You go to the store or the market and make your choice, right? And one among all the dozens or hundreds of watermelons turns out to be yours.

It is the same when choosing an accounting firm. Only one of all that are on the market will meet your expectations.

Connoisseurs say it is very important that the watermelon is not bruised and battered.

Satisfied clients, on the other hand, say that the accounting firm must have an impeccable and undamaged reputation.

Connoisseurs explain that you should always look in the marketplace to see if white, green or yellow is the spot in that part of the rind where the watermelon was lying on the ground. If it’s yellow, it’s your watermelon.

However, a good accounting firm should not have any stains on its name. To put it another way, the company and its history must be clean. How do you establish this? You can, it’s even a must to ask her other clients. Today, social networks and the internet in general give you the opportunity to do your own research.

If you don’t think you could make a choice on your own, in either case you can trust customer recommendations. Because a lot depends on your decision. Whether you serve unripe fruit at dinner or at the end of the month the state of your finances will be in order or …the opposite of in order.

There are customers who choose ripe watermelon with ease, and there are those who take home unripe fruit.

There are those who choose their accounting firm mostly because of the low cost of the services it offers, but find out after a while that their decision is actually very costly.

Do not look at the low price!!! Watch the quality!!! And the name of the manufacturer or the accountant.

Look up the definition of “dumping” in the dictionary. But anyway you flip through the dictionary, look up the meaning of the word “bankruptcy” or “bankruptcy.” What is this information for? If for nothing else, at least for general culture. And to prevent your business from reaching such states.

But on the subject of …watermelon.

Connoisseurs say that its tail should be dry, and this is a sure sign that the fruit is ripe because the necessary ripening time has passed.

A stingy tail means you won’t have dessert on the table in the evening.

Satisfied clients admit that their accountant has impressed them with his experience, i.e. he knows two and two hundred and can react in any situation. In other words, he will not learn on them and through them, but simply apply what he has learned to his practice.

Of course, no one would want to serve an overripe watermelon on their table. No one would want to entrust their finances to an accounting firm that is stuck in time, relies on old glory and does not apply new developments in tax laws and accounting matters. Stay away from such a watermelon or such a law firm.

An even worse option is to choose a “moldy” watermelon or a “moldy” accounting firm. Yes, their price will be low, but you will spoil your dinner or destroy your company.

You will know a “rotten” accounting firm by the chaos of your paperwork, the mountain of unfiled returns, the mounting fines from the NRA and the feeling that your business is a horror without end.

Are you still wondering how it is possible for someone to look for similarities between a ripe watermelon and a good accountant?

Well, since we respect you tremendously as our clients, we leave the watermelon picking to you, and we expect you to trust our experience and judgment with your accounting affairs.

And if you are now going to check our company reputation before choosing us, we will be happy to undergo your inspection.

We are ready.

We would be professionally challenged and honoured to take over your accounting.

P.S All members of our team love a delicious and well ripened watermelon.