Annual accounting close

Verification of turnover and account balances, review of income and expenses documented during the accounting year, inventory of receivables and payables, preparation and submission of an annual financial report for the activity, tax return, etc.

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  • Review balances for the expiration of 3 years for liabilities with a three-year limitation period or 5 years for liabilities with a five-year limitation period from the time the claim became due.
  • Review of balances for receivables in connection with application of Art. 34 and Art. 37 of the LAW ON CORPORATE INCOME TAXATION
  • A review of revenues documented in the current year that relate to the year ending and will be posted in the year ending.
  • Review for expenses documented in the current year that apply to the year ending and will be posted in the year ending.
  • Preparation and submission of an annual financial report for the activity in NSI.
  • Preparation and submission of an annual tax return for enterprises under Art. 92 of the LAW ON CORPORATE INCOME TAXATION
  • Preparation and submission of a declaration under Art. 142, para. 5 of the Civil Code in connection with the application of the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) for incomes in the total amount of up to 500,000 BGN
  • Preparation and submission of an annual tax return for natural persons under Art. 50 VAT.
  • Preparation and submission of a Reference under Art. 73 VAT for amounts paid to natural persons, other than employment relationships.
  • Preparation and submission of annual Declaration sample 6 “Data on due contributions and tax under Art. 42 Personal Income Tax” by self-insured persons and persons under Art. 4, para. 9 of SSC (Social Security Code)
  • Recognition of a deferred tax asset from prior years in the year ending.
  • Calculation and accounting entries for compensable leave.
  • Accrual of deferred tax asset.
  • A review of tax temporary differences from prior years that reverse in the year ending.
  • Review for tax temporary differences from the year ending that will reverse in subsequent years.
  • Inventory of all assets and liabilities.
  • Preparation of final tax and accounting depreciation plans
  • Regulation of weak capitalization according to the order of LAW ON CORPORATE INCOME TAXATION
  • Submission of declarations and notifications on working conditions under Art. 15 of the Act on Health and Safety at Work by employers who have employees under employment relationships.
  • Preparation of annual financial statements, according to the Accounting Act and the applicable accounting standards.
  • Publication of Annual Financial report in the commercial register.

Accounting consultation

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Tax advice

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By entrusting your accounting reporting to an external accountant, your company receives the following advantages:

  • Significantly lower costs of subscription service compared to the costs of salaries and insurance of accounting staff.
  • You save funds for building and maintaining an accounting office – rent, consumables, energy, etc.
  • You save funds for the purchase of inventory, computers and other necessary equipment.
  • You save the need to purchase licenses for accounting, Human resources and other necessary software and their continuous updates.
  • In accounting practice, unconventional and complex cases often arise, which are usually beyond the capabilities of the operational, ordinary accountant. Solving such cases with a specialized external accountant is a daily routine.
  • You save time and money for training and familiarization with changes and innovations in accounting and tax legislation, because the external accountant is always “on time”.
  • You do not have to be responsible for deadlines and correctly processed documents and data, because the responsibility lies with the external accountant.
  • Last but not least, you get a complete complex service, including various areas such as accounting, insurance, labor

Ana Petrova – managing owner

Graduated Master in Accounting and Control. With 20 years of professional experience as Chief Accountant and Financial Director in a German-Bulgarian company, a market leader in his field of activity.

Expert in the field of tax and accounting consulting. Author of articles and materials discussing important topics of tax and accounting legislation.

Responsible for business development and business processes in the accounting office. Leads and manages all projects, as well as accounting and tax consulting for clients.

He works in close contact with his clients, always managing to offer them an appropriate way and rational solutions for organizing and optimizing the company’s activities, so that they can improve their financial and accounting reporting as much as possible.

He readily accepts any challenge to lead and manage the accounting of individuals and legal entities from various spheres of modern business.

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