What do accountants have in common with Noah’s Ark, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Elon Musk?

You remember the Bible story of the universal flood and Noah’s ark.

Noah was warned of the impending disaster. He built a sort of rescue ship. He took on board a pair of all living creatures.

It is true that all earthly creatures are mentioned, but the biblical text says nothing about saving accountants. Not just for a couple of accountants, but even for a single.

Most of you have probably read “The Foundation” by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

Told briefly, a scientist receives permission from a powerful ruler, in the heyday of his mighty empire, to take with him, say – speeches, all the scientists and go with them to a small planet at the end of the world.

If at all an accountant is allowed to make interpretations and his own reading of this wise story, it details how the knowledge, skills, wisdom, and general “brains” of a community become an invaluable asset. So great an asset that gathered in one place, i.e. on one planet, it steadily increases its value and influence on the world.

It is interesting that nowhere in his masterpiece “The Foundation” does Isaac Asimov mention anything about accountants. It’s not clear if the scientists took an accountant with them to the small planet?

A few years ago, visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk formally announced that he and his team would work to create a passenger line to Mars and the colonisation of the Red Planet through regular space flights. Then many reacted derisively, to say the least.

Today, one of his companies, Space X, has turned flights to the International Orbital Station into a sort of ro-ro line, and his idea of regular flights to Mars now looks like something entirely achievable.

In the future alien colony, he wants to create a new world by taking the best of the old one.

People with wild imaginations are already figuring out what will and won’t be in the future alien colony. But Musk has not once mentioned that among the passengers of his space shuttle, which travels to the Mars colony, there will be an accountant.

Then what is the conclusion?

That the profession of accountants will disappear? That the world of the future won’t need accounting?

Nothing like that.

Do you know what is common between Noah from “The Bible”, who built his “ark”, the scientists from the novel “The Foundation”, who planned to the smallest detail their migration to the distant planet and foresaw the development of the world and the visionary Elon Musk, who anticipates the future?

Well, the common thing is that they all do the math well.

What they have in common is that they calculate everything down to the smallest detail. Risk, costs, probabilities, time required and everything else.

Will there be accounting firms on Mars? Bet on it for sure.

This profession will not disappear, because in both the Old World and the New World there will be costs and revenues, and the balance between them becomes achievable with the help of accountants.

The profession of accountant will not disappear in the New World, because there will certainly still be taxes, and where there are taxes, someone will have to make paying them an acceptable human process. And for the country or colony on Mars, where the reports of the week, month and year will be important to plan for the future.

Perhaps some of you will exclaim

“Yes, it was. Yes. Wish you were in the world of the future too”

To this, we accountants would humbly respond thus …

We do not want a place in the future because we know we are part of it. The only thing we don’t know yet is when regular flights to Mars start. The rest is just a matter of calculations, calculations and proper record keeping.

But until the future arrives, the team at Correct Account Consult are here, not on some other planet, to look after your accounting affairs.

Every day of the week.

And like Noah, we are saving a lot of businesses from a tax deluge.

That last one was a joke, God forgive us.

P.S Surely the accounting profession is one of the oldest in the world. Well, not as old as … they say it is … the first profession or as old as politics, let’s say, but at that moment when the commodity-money relations arose, a few days later a man with an agile mind certainly started to calculate income and expenses, i.e. to account.

And so as long as the world lasts. As long as there are transactions, purchases and sales, trade and taxes, there will be accountants. Bet on it.