When the accountant takes on the difficult task of becoming a … blogger

At the accounting office “Correct Account Consult”, we constantly strive to keep up with the times. In terms of accounting, this means keeping up with every single change in the law. To apply them correctly in our work with clients. However, in the realm of social networks, the requirements are changing so quickly that we are struggling to keep up with them.

Our web designer and consultant, who helps us to have constant online communication with clients, partners and colleagues, recommended us to create and maintain a blog.

Blog??? OK, well… even if you push us, we’ll tell you everything we can about accounting, about taxes, about the annual accounting closing… but a blog… what is that anyway???

We asked, we looked, we read, and we realized that this is one way to share with you things from the “kitchen” of our accounting firm and from the world of accounting.

Um, okay. We started, but the web designer and consultant completely confused us when he recommended that we provide a section for comments, recommendations, remarks and, God forbid, threats from customers.

Therefore, we turned to one of our clients, with whom we have been working since 2016. and we asked him to write in two or three sentences his assessment of our joint work.

And he gave us back something like a mini novel. We are publishing it in original and we would be interested to hear from you about our work with you.

Grateful … err … just a very grateful customer for Correct Account Consult:

“You ask me why I work with you and why I would recommend your firm…

Let me think about it.

To be honest, it took me very little time to find that the people on your team are impressively competent. This is obvious. I remember when I looked for you, I was in a very complicated situation, but then you assured me that you would find a way out. Exit with the help of the law.

I have been working with you for four years now, my God, when did this time pass, and today I already know that with you, every dot and every comma of the regulatory framework is important. In other words, you do not underestimate a single article, paragraph or letter of the law. It’s a relief to me that with your help I’m sorted. Well, sure, to some you might seem embarrassingly pedantic, but so what. As long as you respect the semicolons, then no one will put a dot or a cross on my business.

If someone asks me about you, and there are such people, I would tell them that at Correct Account Consult accounting company, you are masters at finding ways for my company to find a balance between income and expenses so that at the end of the month and at the end of the year I have a profit left.

I am impressed that you always offer solutions for my business that the inspection authorities accept without reservation.

I don’t know if anyone has told you this already, but I would like to tell you that you are virtuosos at finding balance between assets and liabilities in my company. I look at my bank account now, I look at it before and the difference is stark.

It is also noticeable that you constantly press me for invoices and documents even for the smallest expenditure that I have made. I still remember those three hundred milliliters of gasoline for which you crucified me because I did not mention them correctly. 0.300 l of gasoline, huh!!!

But, I can honestly say that with your help, the accounting laws are working for my business, not against it.

On top of that, I may own a small business, but I appreciate you treating me the way you treat your large corporate clients. I don’t know… someday I can grow up too. Why not.

And the good thing is that you told me from the beginning that I had to follow the law or there was no way I would be your customer.

Sometimes I think that the accounting reports you prepare for me look not like a report but like a confession. At least until now, the state has always accepted them and I have received “blessings” from the tax authorities. And yes… we have not hidden anything.

Thanks to working with Correct Account Consult, I realized that “year close” does not mean that my business ends forever, but that I face a decent end to the financial year and go into the next one in good shape.

“Correct Account Consult” …, thank you.

With respect:

Krasimir Kaludov

Manager of “Pro Advices” LTD

This is what this customer wrote about us. We would not like to comment or analyze his words because the customer is always right, but did it strike you that he used the word “law” several times in his story.

He is right. In our work, we adhere to the laws.

In “Correct Account Consult”, we know very well what is allowed and what is not, but we have certainly learned from practice that if the accountant allows the law to be violated, in the end it is always at the expense of the client, who will be sanctioned and have to pay fines.

And we don’t allow that in our work. We protect each of our customers from mistakes. We keep him and his money safe.

Because the feeling of being part of someone’s success is incomparably good. And it’s worth our effort.

When we are together, us, you and the law, then there is no one to stop us.

Well, that sounded a bit like a slogan, but we accountants deal mainly with numbers, not words, so you’ll excuse us.