Why did Michelangelo fail to paint the “Annual Accounts Closing” picture?

They say dreams are free, right?

Well, as good accountants, we are obliged to tell you that sometimes the profit tax on realized dreams is much higher than 10%, but… let’s not stop dreaming together.

For example, do you want us to dream together that there is even a small possibility that the great Michelangelo Buonariotti painted the team at the accounting firm Correct Account Consult and created the picture “Accountants perform annual closing”?

In addition to warping time and space for this to happen, several presentable but very tortured women must pose for days in front of the Maestro.

And here somewhere would arise the first huge difficulty for the genius creator, because during the annual accounting closure, even the nicest accountants suddenly become disheveled, hungry, sleep-deprived and hellishly nervous. And all this is the enemy of beauty, isn’t it? Well then, how could the maestro paint the canvas?

Here is the second difficulty facing good old Michelangelo:

In the picture “Accountants carry out annual accounting closing”, hundreds or thousands of documents should find a place and necessarily be depicted. Because if it’s going to be an annual accounting closing, then we’re talking about documentation for a year back, bank statements for a year back, invoices, declarations and a bunch of others. And all this is classified, arranged and … in the end something impressive in terms of volume is obtained.

It is time to mention the third difficulty, which will leave Senor Bunariotti with his hands tied.

As he has spread his easel in the middle of the hall and stands with a palette in his hand to observe and recreate with paints and brushes the working process in accounting office “Correct Account Consult” and to finally paint the “Accountants perform annual closing” canvas, one of our colleagues will probably be constantly circling him and saying to him a hundred times “Excuse me, can you move? Stand here if you like, because you are sitting on a folder with important information, etc.’ It is very possible that the head of the accounting office will ask him kindly, but also firmly enough, to bring her, if he likes, the big blue folder with the inscription “VAT…”, because …

…because the “yearly closing” sounds to people like “Eh, so what, it’s only once a year.” And indeed, Thank God it is once a year, but while it is taking place, at the same time the normal monthly work goes on, i.e. VAT returns are submitted by the 14th of the month, the insurance documents are submitted by the 25th, а until the 30th of the month …….., because this normal activity for the month never stops.

You get sort of the perfect storm. Everything is piled on the heads of these few very tired, hungry, sleep-deprived, shaggy and nervous ladies from the accounting firm “Correct Account Consult”. “Closing” may indeed be once a year, but it keeps them moist…all next year.

And in a few days, after having had to change his position at least ninety-three times, folding and unfolding his easel, carrying blue and red folders, sitting down and getting up constantly because he was sitting on some document, enduring the nervous glances of several nervous Michelangelo Bounariotti, he would probably shout:

“Basta!!!” and will abandon the order.

Then he will leave. He’s going to go paint the Sistine Chapel. Why? Because this task will seem much more inspiring and meaningful to him. And easier.

And the art world will be deprived of the masterpiece “Accountants do the annual closing”.

But at Correct Account Consult accounting office, we have already performed numerous successful annual closings for all our clients. Because we understand each other at work. And we have the confidence, backed by a lot of experience, to say that we are professionals and experts in our field.

And from now on we tell you that even in super busy times, we will always have time for you. If only you weren’t Michelangelo himself, because with him, as it became clear, we didn’t agree.

Otherwise, the moral of this whole story about something that didn’t happen is this:

If you want to be our customer, we will expect you to hand over your current documentation to us on time. This will be useful not for us, but for you.

Otherwise, you can become the hero of the picture “A client stands desperately in the middle of an accounting office looking for an answer to the question “Where is invoice N-one who you are from the third month?”.

Well, we wish you health and balance between income and expenses!

P.S And be calm. Our office has enough space for each client to sit and rest while we process their paperwork. And the environment is creative and pleasant. Leonardo da Vinci, for example, would have loved and appreciated it.